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  1. Elena says

    Hello, I’m Elena Gordeeva. I want to inform you that Brad Jordan contacted me in December and January 2016 on Facebook. There is posted his profile with the real pictures. Also he emailed me some of his pictures and with kids.
    He pushed me to apply to global money finance bank of America. And military department of licensing.
    Of course I was suspicious while communicating with him and understood that it was a scam.
    Just would you mind clarifying me please, as I’m not brilliant at English, whether I got it right that the scammer used the name of that honest soldier Brad Jordan?

    1. nillegal says

      Yes, and if it want money.. Do not make mistake to do this..

      1. Elena says

        So, I wonder if this real person Jason B.Jordan knows, that his name and his pictures are used by scammer?
        That there are a few profiles on fb under his name?
        Is there any possibility to inform him?

        1. nillegal says

          I think these people are not interested so much of what happens with their photos, the problem is serious when, with these pictures, have been cheated or deceived them.

  2. Francesca says

    Jordan, Ethan Jordan in my case, contacted me on fb one month ago. We start chatting everyday, he claimed he was in Afghanistan on a peace keeping mission. Of course he started saying he loved me, two days back while he was not online I searched internet to know more about him, and I found out about the scam. I sent him via facebook pictures of his frauds and he immediately removed the profile from facebook. He is still online however as Jason Jordan with different profiles.

  3. Karen says

    He contacted me as Steven Jordon , is the real soldier dead this upsets me so much

    1. Elena says

      Sorry Karen, am I right In understanding that the real soldier Jason B.Jordan is dead? Do you know it exactly?

      1. nillegal says

        No, its not dead

  4. Claudia says

    I was recently contacted by the scammer using pictures of the person on this picture and they are using his kids too!!! His most recent FB profile is Jeff Jordan from Bronx NY and Jeffrey Jordan (Arnold).

    I reported both accounts to FB , it is a crime to impersonate anyone, but it is a Shame to impersonate the people that are risking their lives for Peace in the world!!!. I hope the scammers get what they deserve.

  5. Nina says

    I found his image (MASTER SGT. JASON B. JORDAN) on meetme as someone named Bryan who is from Mackay, QLD Australia. He told me that he has 3 children and his daughter live in US, and his mother is taking care of two sons at his home in Mackay. He said to me he works for a project on construction as an engineer in Turkey. 7hours back from Australia. He wants to visit me after couple of months and stay with me for few weeks for a holiday without coming back to Mackay. I was not asked anything to send yet but his voice sounds like a perfect African so that I suspect him as a scammer and bingo! He navigated me on Viber +1 917-391-1011. Since I found his photos as a dating scammer, I just blocked and deleted him from my contact.

  6. Irene says

    I am getteing messages from Joe Jesse Lopez but this person is using the pictures from Jason B. Jordan, I got 4 of them he says taht he is widow with one 8 years girl, from saturday I had a friend request from a military man the name John Walsh but I didn´´t accept it because I dont like to be friend with a person that I know, Joe I accepted by mistake but I am not sure about him for that reason I was looking for something wong then I know I am not wrong. I am in Ecuador

  7. Dee says

    2 accounts using the same pictures of Master Sgt Jordan tried to join my Pets for Adoption or Sale group in NJ on Facebook. I have blocked them both but can only find one of them right now. That person is using the name Timothy Wayne Jackson.

  8. Gypsy says

    He’s on tagged too as Jordan walker. Just messaged me on there. Trying to convince me he’s in syrya but on a base in Turkey at the moment.

    1. Elena says

      Who can stop him already? Has he succeeded in his goal to get money?

  9. Janet linnett says

    I have been speaking to a guy named jeffy jordon goes by ashley walters nd jason b jordan i think this guy is not in the u.s miltary as he said he was based in Dubai got sick then the military deloyed him to nigeria of which i find very strange his email is jeffyjordan @ gmail .com

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